Awning Hangers on Sale $5.99

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Our plastic RV Awning Hanger / Stop was developed after becoming frustrated with other hangers and accessories, leading us to start this family-run company. The old style RV awning hangers and camper awning accessories were constantly moving around when there was a breeze or when somebody bumped into them. We tried screws, corks, and even foam rubber placed on each side of our old style plastic hangers; they were either ineffective or sloppy looking. This device was first developed as a plastic stop, which was placed on both sides of old style RV awning hanger used to secure windsocks, flagsocks, wind spinners, and lights. Later, this product was molded into a plastic hanger/stop for RV awning decorations and RV camping accessories and holds up to 5 lbs. Each bag contains 5 hangers/stops and 5 split rings.

Now available: Military Windsocks, Wind Spinners, Patriotic Flagsocks, Awning Straps, Heavy Duty Marine Grade Vinyl Picnic Table Covers, Military Garden Flags, and Holiday Garden Flags.